Plus Size Fashion Tips – What To Wear?

Plus Size Tips and Tricks

As a plus sized woman you’ve probably had plenty of awkward fashion moments when the clothes you wear just don’t flatter you in the least.

No Need To Look Frumpy If You’re Carrying Extra Pounds!

Plus Size Fashion Tips - What To Wear? 1

It’s beyond frustrating and leaves me mostly hating everything in my closet.

However, having a fuller figure shouldn’t make you look unattractive as long as you know how to dress your curves well!

So.. What to Wear?

In fact, your curves can make you look really hot if you know how to dress well. Yup yup, so lets get into it!

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– Balance your proportions so that your curves look very attractive in relation to each other. This will also help you present a trim silhouette, making you look less bulky.

What Not To Wear

If your hips and bust are large, as they are likely to be, then you should avoid wearing tapering clothes that emphasize your bulkiness. Boot cut trousers or flared skirts will look best.

– Wear clothes that fit you and your shape perfectly, avoiding outfits that are both too loose and too tight.

Extremes do not help in the flattering department.

Ill-fitting clothes will make you look very frumpy, and we want to look put together because.. when we look good and feel comfortable, it truly shows.

Many plus sized women wear large clothes or multiple layers in the mistaken belief that the clothes will hide their bulk.

Clothes that skim your curves will look absolutely fantastic. Get it girrrrl!

Plus Size Fashion Tips - What To Wear? 3

– Don’t skip this step!..

Spend money on a well-fitting bra that gives your bust ample support and lifts it away from your abdomen. This will make you look not just slimmer but also more attractive you sexy thing! 

Outfits For Curvy Figures

– Try to choose prints that guide the viewer’s eye vertically and not horizontally!

This is especially important if you are a petite plus sized person.

Avoid wearing small prints, large prints look more balance and in turn help you look slimmer!

Plus Size Fashion Tips - What To Wear? 4

– Increasing the length of your legs with the help of high heels will help the viewer’s eye go from top to bottom instead of from side to side.

What To Wear

Show a bit of skin at the neck to break the monotony of a large expanse of cloth which also makes you look large. A vee-shaped neckline that is not plunging will look just right.

Plus Size Fashion Tips - what to wear?
Flattering Dresses For Plus Size Apple Shaped Women!

This dress is a great example of one of the best plus size dresses to hide stomach. It’s cute, classy and flattering!

– Choose accessories that match your overall size.

For instance, tiny bags will not look good on you because they will make you look larger than you actually are.

The same applies to the jewelry that you wear. Chunky necklaces and bracelets will look great. If you wear delicate necklaces then you should be sure to layer them.

Plus Size Fashion Tips - What To Wear? 5

It is important to keep in mind that plus sizes come in different categories.

While some full figured women have large busts, others might have wide hips or even a large tummy.

Be sure to understand your body shape perfectly before you choose the right clothes and accessories that make you look your very best.

Here are some examples before of the best and most flattering dresses and dress styles for plus size and apple shaped women!
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